About Dizzy

Hi, I am Amy D. Kilpatrick, the creator and designer of Dizzy Pickle. I have over 30 years of experience as a business growth coach, corporate trainer, marketing, and branding consultant. I was first introduced to pickleball in 2018. At first, it was something that we played as a family while on vacation. Then in 2020, I was sidelined with a medical condition that took a toll on me both physically and mentally. Meanwhile, pickleball was exploding in my local community. I decided that I would set a goal to be back on the courts as soon as my last surgery was complete. So, in September 2021, I stepped out on the courts, and it was like I had never played. I was 40lbs heavier and my limited activity over the past year and half had done a number on me physically. 

To say I was out of shape would be putting it nicely. But I was determined, stubborn, tired of being sick, and wanted to connect with people again. I would limp from the courts every night with a different sore muscle. I would cry at night because my feet hurt. But then day-by-day I got stronger, faster, and happier. I felt the depression that had attached itself to me while being sick was going away. I was laughing and excited for the next day, the next match, the next shot, the next point...

I was finding Amy again and it felt amazing. Pickleball is more than a game with a silly name. It is a way for people to challenge themselves and to connect with others. 

My game has come along nicely, and I have met several goals. One was to play in tournaments. When I first started, my partners and I would match colors. Then we wanted to look more like a team. So, I started looking for pickleball apparel that had personality. Yep, you guessed it, I could not find what I wanted. So I started researching and with my skills in branding and graphic designs I began to play around with creating designs.

In 2022, I launched what has become one of my favorite projects to date. Dizzy Pickle was introduced at a tournament, and it hasn't stopped. In 2023, I was approved to list Dizzy Pickle on Amazon and in 2024, I will be branching out to wholesale, so Dizzy can be sold in stores around the US. 

My goal is to capture the spirit of pickleball in my designs and when they are worn, they make that person feel happy and strong!